Andrew and The Middlemen hail from Durango, Colorado and perform their unique blend of gritty, Americana mountain rock with lyrical storytelling and driving rhythms.

Andrew Schuhmann

Hailing from central Texas, Tyson has been annoying neighbors with his drums since the age of 13. His style can be described as bombastic, dance-forward, and fun with influences spanning the genre spectrum, ranging from Lizzo to Dave Matthews to Led Zeppelin. Tyson is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy and trained as a water resources engineer. He also serves as the band's digital content manager and recording engineer at Bad Jackalope Studio. While away from his kit, Tyson can be found in the remote Utah desert or backcountry of the San Juans with his wife and daughter. (Tyson does not enjoy speaking in the third person)

Scott Knoll

Tyson Williams

Originally from the boondocks of Kentucky, Andrew was never actually "conceived" but rather the unholy concoction of a half-empty bottle of bourbon, a rabid labrador retriever, and some spare bicycle parts. Andrew actually has 11 toes and enjoys adding consonants to his last name. His influences range from viking death metal to southern viking death metal. Fun fact: Andrew has drank the equivalent volume of the Red Sea in Ska Brewing's Mexican Logger beer.

Scott joined the band after entering the witness protection program following a stint with the Chicago mafia. His whereabouts are currently unknown but scholars maintain he resides somewhere in the Weminuche Wilderness with his bass guitar and an unsavory pack of ground squirrels. Scott's favorite food is vodka and if served anything with gluten, he will "stab [them] in the face with a soldering iron". His influences include Pat Benitar, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and himself. For your own safety, do not make direct eye contact with Scott at live performances, or you will go in "the book".